Maine Tennis Association Grant Guidelines


Maine Tennis Association, Inc (MTA), is committed to promoting tennis at the local level. To that end, we offer program grants to assist organizations in initiating or expanding tennis programming. Grants may be used to develop instructional programs and/or organize league play for people of all ages, abilities and populations. Our long-term goal in providing grants is to help programs become self-sufficient. Grants will not be awarded for more than three (3) continuous years, unless there are extenuating circumstances.


Financial support will be awarded only to organizations. Applications for individuals will not be accepted. Applying organizations must be open to all people, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, citizenship status, or veteran status. USTA Membership is required for all applicants.


1. All grant applications must be completed and submitted online at

2. To be considered for a grant, an organization, or program must be a current USTA Organizational Member, CTA, public municipality, school, Park & Recreation Dept., or 501 (c) organization .

3. The applying organization must present its plans to become self-sufficient within the next three (3) years.

4. Any program registration fee should be reasonable in order to encourage participation and be affordable for families in the community. Provisions should also be made for interested participants who need financial assistance.

5. In general, program grants are not meant to support one-day programs or special events. The intent is to support multi-session programs that provide on-going play opportunities.

6. All grant applicants must submit a complete grant application form that includes a description of the program, program objectives, evaluation methods, and program budget .

7. All grant recipients must submit a grant accountability form within two weeks of the conclusion of the program. If the program is on-going, an evaluation must be submitted no later than December 31. Organizations and programs that fail to submit an evaluation may jeopardize their opportunity to receive support from MTA in the future.